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Working abroad has become more and more common in recent years. In earlier times, it was difficult to even connect with family when you are abroad. Times have changed and distances have been bridged. At Skyz Recruitment Limited, we will connect you to your dream job abroad.

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QATAR MD Qatar has become a popular destination for job seekers in recent years due to its strong economy and numerous employment opportunities. It has a strong economy and is one of the wealthiest countries in the world, which means that there may be good job opportunities and high salaries.

It is not possible to enter the country to work unless you have already secured a job, so your company, who is also your sponsor, should handle the paperwork for you, including your initial visa. As soon as you have arrived, your company will start the ball rolling with your work residence permit.

Working in the Middle East has many advantages, allowing you to immerse yourself in a new culture, enjoy glorious sunshine and perhaps even learn a new language, all while furthering your career. Given that the accommodation is paid for, and that rates of pay are excellent, many expats choose to work in Qatar for a period to save money and return home having done exactly that.

In 2014, Qatar launched a modesty campaign to remind tourists of the modest dress code. Western female visitors and residents are advised to avoid leggings, miniskirts, sleeveless dresses, shorts or tight clothing in public. Men are advised against wearing shorts and sleeveless t-shirts.

All foreigners looking for work in Qatar must get a residency permit. However, you can only get this if an employer sponsors you. Your working hours in a government position will be shortened during Ramadan. Ramadan is the month of fasting, a Muslim observance in which food and drink are not consumed during daylight hours — and this extends to chewing gum and smoking.


The UAE is a place where tradition meets modernity. Made up of seven emirates - Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Sharjah, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah and Umm Al Quwain - the UAE's relentless growth over recent years has made working there look impressive on any CV. Every year thousands of people move to Dubai to take up new jobs.
English is the main language of business and around 85% of the population comes from abroad so you'll have no trouble fitting in.

Opportunities exist all over this diverse country, but most jobs in the UAE are found in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. The cost of living is fairly expensive but you get your money's worth as the standard of living is world class.

Living and working in the Gulf region you'll be able to explore Islamic culture but to avoid getting in trouble with the law you'll need to respect local laws and customs.
There can be severe penalties for breaking these. For example, there is a zero tolerance policy towards drugs and drink driving.

Relationships outside of marriage are illegal as is same sex marriage. You'll need a special licence to consume alcohol and women should dress modestly when out in public. Also be aware that swearing in public and public displays of affection are arrestable offences.

SAUDI ARABIA MD IIn many ways, Saudi Arabia may appear to be a perplexing country. Traditional but contemporary. Friendly, yet on a safe distance. However, the kingdom has gone through many transformations over the last few years. Societal standards are constantly changing, as are the rules of behavior. This is why the number of people moving to Saudi Arabia to pursue a better life with fulfilling careers has steadily been increasing.

If you are willing and hardworking enough, you could also enjoy living and working in Saudi Arabia. With the right motivation, you could do anything!.

Remuneration packages in Saudi Arabia for highly skilled workers are competitive when compared to those offered in the wider Gulf region. Added to the incentive of a tax-free salary, benefits can also include accommodation, health insurance, transport and education allowances, and annual flight tickets home. Expats will also find that their hard-earned salaries will go further, as the Kingdom offers a lower cost of living than many of its regional neighbours.

Discrimination is widespread when it comes to wages and benefits in Saudi Arabia, though. Western expats generally earn higher salaries than their Asian counterparts, even with similar qualifications and experience.

Cultural adaptation and appreciation of local habits and speech are essential. Fluency in the Arabic language is a big plus for anyone who works here. Saudi Arabia has some of the most outstanding cuisines in the world, which are heavily inspired by the country’s rich history and ancient customs. Many foods are made with chicken, lamb, and seafood with the addition of wheat, rice, yogurt, potatoes, and dates.

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